Plan like a teacher. Teach like a pro.

Professional Planner
for Pole Instructors

The Pole Instructor Planbook helps you map out your pole lesson plans so your classes are waitlisted week after week.

Made for Pole. Made for You.

Well Made

The Pole Instructor Planbook has a spiral binding so it lays flat and is easy to write in. Get it in 6x9 or 8.5x11 or go paperless and opt for the E-book!

Thoughtful Design

Keep track of warm ups, cool downs, conditioning, tricks, choreography, and student requests. Reflect on what went well and what didn't to improve your instruction.

Ethical Production

Like everything at Bee's Knees, The Pole Instructor Planbook was designed by Bee with input from actual pole dancers and strippers. It's printed in California.

What makes this the best planner for professional pole instructors

Establish an objective for the class you're teaching, and then map out your:

  • Warm up
  • Conditioning exercises
  • Tricks and combos
  • Choreography
  • Reflection for improvement
  • Student requests

If you teach one class a week, there are enough two-page layouts to last almost a year! Plus, you can re-use lesson plans that worked since you have them all roganized in one spot.

Hear from pole instructors who love the latest edition
"The new two-page layout of the Pole Instructor Planbook is SO much easier to write in. I like to write big, and finally I have enough space!"
— Tobin
"The Pole Instructor Planbook really guided me in structuring my classes when I first started teaching pole. I know my stuff, but following the layout helped me feel confident in my teaching."
— Veronica
"I've been waiting for an e-book version of the Pole Instructor Planbook, and I almost made one myself until Bee came through. Love it! Thanks, Bee!"
— Kelleyanne

A Message From Bee

I’m Sara Bee, the Bee behind the best lesson planner for professional pole instructors. Want to know why it's the best? It’s because the Pole Instructor Planbook was made for pole, and made for you. 

I designed the first Pole Instructor Planbook from the perspective of a certified professional educator with nearly twenty years of classroom experience. See, school teachers have tons of options when looking for the perfect planner to organize their courses, lessons, and objectives. Pole instructors? Not so lucky.

Well, until I made the Pole Instructor Planbook.

It's been through two editions in its lifetime. Not one to ignore the people's feedback, this latest third edition is spiral bound so it lays flat and is easier to write in than previous editions. It also has a two page layout so your notes aren't so cramped if you like to write big. It's available in two sizes; the 6x9 fits easily in the pocket of your Pole Bag, and the 8.5x11 satisfies your need for a traditional notebook size.

Want to go paperless? No problem. There's an e-book version too!

Map out your objectives so you can plan appropriate warm ups and conditioning exercises to support the tricks, combos, and choreography you're teaching. You can jot down student requests as well, which is a major key to keeping students coming back for more week after week.

Did things go well? Make a note of it! If they didn't go so well, there's space to reflect and improve your practice. Reflective practice is the hallmark of a professional educator.

Now that you know all that went into it, you can see why the Pole Instructor Planbook is the best planner for professional pole instructors. It's well made, thoughtfully designed, and ethically produced to be the best.