Shrug Off Floorwork Pain

Protect Your Shoulders Doing #pdfloorwork

With padding on the shoulders, elbows, and upper spine, shrug off the pain of shoulder stands, shoulder rolls, and other pole floowork movements.

Made for Pole. Made for You.

Well Made

Made with hardwearing stretch performance fabrics and 3mm scuba padding, the Floorwork Shrug takes a beating so your shoulders, elbows, and upper spine don't.

Thoughtful Design

The shrug style accommodates all chest sizes, and the vented armpits keep you cool when floorwork gets hot. Thumb holes keep the sleeves in place.

Ethical Production

The Floorwork Shrug is small batch sewn in the United States using only ethical labor, which means fair wages and safe working conditions.

Floorwork shoulder protection, but make it sexy

  • 3mm padding on shoulders
  • 3mm padding on elbows
  • 3mm padding on upper spine
  • Vented armpits for cooling
  • Thumbholes to keep sleeves in place
  • Style accommodates all chest sizes
Hear from pole dancers with happy shoulders
"I have been a long time BK fan, and when I saw the Floorwork Shrug coming, I got on the list immediately! It shipped as soon as it was available, and did not disappoint. The little bit of padding on the upper back and elbows is just enough to take the impact out of hard floors, and the thumb holes keep the sleeves in place as you slink around. It is NOT too warm, and the cutouts under the arms keep you cool and dry. The cut in the front is perfect for all sized busts, and I LOVE the color! When you order this, follow the measurement guide, it's right. I was confused at first, but I reached out to Bee and got immediate help. Always great service, fast shipping, and quality products!"
— Teri
"I officially love the Floorwork Shrug. I'm a big fan of shoulder stands, but I always end up with that signature bruise on the top of my shoulder every time I really get into training weird new shoulder stand transitions, and it means I can't train them as frequently as I'd like.I recently did a 20 minute practice session of shoulder and elbow-heavy moves in the Floorwork Shrug, and my skin feels SO much better than it normally would! I didn't slide out of position either - the neoprene padding is smooth but not as slippery as the spandex on the rest of the garment, so I felt secure in really leaning into my shoulder and elbows as points of contact on the floor. Definitely would recommend if you're serious about rolling around on the floor. Saves your skin for the pole and protects against grinding any tiny little particles of hard dirt or splinters on the floor into your skin (which always feels like gravel and razor blades no matter how small)! Thanks, Bee, for making a garment designed to protect even more points of contact that take a beating when we dance!"
— Kimmie

A Message From Bee

I’m Sara Bee, the Bee behind the sexy pole dance shrug that protects your shoulders, elbows, and upper spine. Want to know why it's the best? It’s because the Floorwork Shrug was made for pole, and made for you. 

Well Made. 

Shoulder pain when doing shoulder rolls and shoulder stands has been a thing in the pole community since I started over ten years ago. Back then, I even saw pole dancers joking on Instagram about sticking maxi pads to their shoulders as a solution! What I didn't see was anyone doing anything to solve this common problem, so I decided to take it on. After eight different prototypes and experimenting wtih different fabrics and designs that would be durable and wear well while also offering Bee's Knees signature protection-without-the-bulk, the Floorwork Shrug was born.

Thoughtful Design.

The Floorwork Shrug has 3mm scuba material covering the essential part of the shoulder: the acromion. The acromion is the bony point toward the end of your shoulder that's mostly likely to take a beating when doing lots of shoulder rolls or shoulder stands. That same 3mm protection covers the upper spin and elbows. The firm hand finish on the materials makes floorwork a breeze, and the thumbholes keep the sleeves in place so the padding is where you need to be. If your floorwork flow heats up, the vented armpits are there to help cool you down. The shrug style accommodates all chest sizes, so you can be sure to get all the protection and style with the fit you need.

Ethical Production.

The Floorwork Shrug is not mass market manufactured, which means it's not purchased cheap in bulk from a massive distributor, then private labeled and marked up like the things you find on Amazon. Instead, the Floorwork Shrug is small-batch produced right here in the USA, using cut and sew teams in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Missouri. Every single person involved in making the Floorwork Shrug is compensated fairly for their skills and labor.

Now that you know all that goes into it, you can see why the Floorwork Shrug is the only one of its kind. It is well made, thoughtfully designed, and ethically produced to be the best.