Hear From People With Happy Knees
Clearly a whole lot of thought went into the production of these. I'm a convert - never going back! Love my Bee's Knees!
— Caty S.
I only wear Bee’s Knees. I have three pairs and never had a problem with any of them for floor work or pole tricks.
— u/Dchud1628
Finally got a chance to wear my Bee's Knees knee pads in class! They are perfect: they stay in place better than any other knee pad I've worn! Comfy and great value!!!!!
— Judy J.
I use Bee's Knees, I wear them under knee socks or thigh highs when doing floor stuff and they still look brand new. I really like the velcro for easy removal. I bought a pair on sale but at this point I like them so much I would pay full price for a 2nd pair.
— u/bambamboozlebop