Get Your Shit Together

The Perfect Pole Dance Bag

Shoe pockets, boot storage, removable interior dividers, and even yoga mat carry straps for the ultimate in pole bag organization. No other pole bag comes close.

Made for Pole. Made for You.

Well Made

Ballistic nylon exterior, rip stop nylon interior, YKK zippers, and a wider seam allowance with more stitches per inch make both the Pole Bag Mini and Pole Bag Pro unstoppable.

Thoughtful Design

Removable interior dividers, a boot compartment, straps for yoga mat, tripod, keys, hair elastics, and of course, pockets galore for grips, knee pads, and more.

Ethical Production

The Pole Bag Mini and Pole Bag Pro are small batch sewn in North America using only ethical labor, which means fair wages and safe working conditions.

Organized and at Your Fingertips

The Pole Bag Mini is the best way for pole dancers to organize their most essential pole dance gear, featuring:

  • a 2-in-1 carry system
  • a removable interior divider for the ultimate in organization
  • a hidden boot compartment inside with front exterior access
  • a total of eight pockets

Everything You Need in One Bag

The Pole Bag Pro is the best way for professional pole dancers, instructors, and performers to carry everything they could possibly need, featuring:

  • a 3-in-1 carry system
  • two removable interior dividers for the ultimate in organization
  • a hidden boot compartment inside with front exterior access
  • straps to secure yoga mats, tripod, keys, hair elastics, and more
  • a total of ten pockets
Hear from pole dancers with happy shoulders
"The Pole Bag Mini not only got to me quickly but it also exceeded my expectations. I love the how the bag is customizable and easy to change depending on what I want to use it for. It's also extremely well made and there are so many little pockets for all my pole necessities. Well worth it!"
— Melanie
"The Pole Bag Pro is the best purchase in my pole journey! Enough space for all my accessories, extra clothes, few snacks and shoes yes even the thigh highs :). If you’re only looking for one bag to solve it all, definitely recommend. Very pleased 😃"
— Wesley
"The Pole Bag Mini makes me feel so organized! Everything has a place and it's such a nice bag. Very well made. Will be buying the larger bag in the future!"
— Chelsea
"I am in LOVE with the Pole Bag Pro! I have so many shoes, pole outfits, and accessories that either didn’t fit or always got lost in other gym bags. This pole bag is so thoughtfully designed and makes it so easy for me to organize my things. Whether I need grip aid, or a hair tie, my foot peds, knee pads, or my plan book, it is SO easy to reach in and grab exactly what I need instead of spending forever digging around a bottomless mess of stuff in other bags. Worth every penny, treat yourself…you won’t regret it!"
— Jasmine

A Message From Bee

I’m Sara Bee, the Bee behind the perfect pole dance bags. Want to know why they are the best? It’s because the Pole Bag Mini and the Pole bag Pro were made for pole, and made for you. 

Well Made. 

When I was selecting materials for the Pole Bag Mini and the Pole Bag Pro, I knew I wanted 1050 denier ballistic nylon for the exterior fabric. The 1050 denier part means the individual nylon threads are more abrasion resistant. The ballistic part refers to the type of weave; ballistic weave is a tight, dense 2x2 basket weave that gives the fabric more tear resistance in all directions. It's super durable, and it's even water repellant.

The interior of the Pole Bag Mini and Pole Bag Pro are made of rip stop nylon, which is usually used for outdoor gear and clothing due to its durability, tear resistance, water resistance, breathability, and durability. Basically, the inside of your bag is strong enough to be the outside!

The only choice for zippers to round out the build was YKK, known for their smooth operation and longevity. And now with a wider seam allowance and more stitches per inch, the Pole Bag Mini and Pole Bag Pro are unstoppable.

Thoughtful Design.

Extensive user surveying went into the very first sample, taking feedback from pole dancers and strippers alike about what bags they were using, what they liked and didn't like, and what they wished they could find in the perfect pole bag.

No need was missed. Folks wanted a lighter color for the inside to make it easier to find things in the bag, so even the cute yellow interior fabric with the BK bee print serves a purpose!

The pockets are specially sized to hold Pleaser heels, and the boot compartment can hold boots, even tall over the knee boots!

If you are traveling performer, pole instructor, or the type of pole student who posts up at the studio all day, the Pole Bag Pro holds everything from your camera tripod, large water bottle, and yoga mat to your snacks, notebooks, and back up outfits. Plus, can be carried as an over the shoulder bag, duffel bag, or backpack, making it perfect for commuters.

If you're passionate about pole dancing, but need a little less bag, the Pole Bag Mini is perfect. It still boasts the cool boot compartment and fits a pair of heels, and has organized spaces and pockets to fit your grip aids, spare clothes, a notebook, and other pole dance essentials.

Ethical Production.

The Pole Bag Mini and Pole Bag Pro are not mass market manufactured, which means they are not purchased cheap in bulk from a massive distributor, then private labeled and marked up like the things you find on Amazon. Instead, the Pole Bag Mini and Pole Bag Pro are small-batch produced in North America, coordinated by The Custom Bag Company in Colorado and using nearshore cut and sew teams in Mexico. Every single person involved in making a pole bag for Bee's Knees is compensated fairly for their skills and labor.

Now that you know all that goes into them, you can see why the Pole Bag Mini and Pole Bag Pro are in a class of their own. They're well made, thoughtfully designed, and ethically produced to be the best.