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The Bee's Knees Knee Pad

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Simply the best knee pads for pole dancers. 

Our knee pads boast the most features in a single pair. Convenient hook and loop straps, removable pad inserts in three levels of firmness, an open back design, four standard sizes, strap extenders, and multiple shades of nude. Each pair comes fitted with Middleweight inserts.

Strap them on. The compression mesh fabric makes floorwork a breeze. Need to grip the pole? Strip them off and ride the chrome.

See for yourself what makes Bee's Knees Knee Pads the best knee pads for pole dancers. 


All Bee’s Knees Knee Pads are machine sewn in the United States by a small batch manufacturing team. In addition to our signature firm hand finish compression mesh fabric, we use a variety of notions and elastics. The Bee's Knees Knee Pad is not latex free.

Shipping & Returns

I ship to the United States and Canada via USPS. I make every effort to ship Monday through Saturday, fulfilling and shipping most orders within 24 hours. 

USPS First Class (5 business days) ships free.

USPS Priority (2 business days) $10 USD

USPS First Class International (7-21 business days) $14 to $22 USD

You can exchange or return your knee pads within 14 days of receipt. Knee pads must be unused and in good, clean condition. Sorry, I don't offer free returns! Contact me, Bee, at to start your return or exchange. I'm happy to help!


For the most accurate measurement, use a soft measuring tape. If you want to see it done and get the full guide, click here to watch a video!

If you want a quick measurement, just focus on your top strap. Wrap the tape around your leg just above your kneecap. No need to pull the tape too tightly!

Small: 13.5 to 15"

Medium: 15.5 to 17"

Large: 17.5 to 19"

Extra Large: 19.5 to 21"

Use and Care

Remove pad inserts before washing.

Hand washing in cold water with a mild detergent is recommended. If machine washing, strap up the straps and use a Dirty Magic Bag.

Do not put in dryer.

After using your knee pads, strap up the straps neatly before tossing your BKKPs into your pole bag to keep them from getting unduly frayed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Melva Tate
My first pair of pole knee pads

I've been pole dancing 5+ years. When I started I was told to purchase the cheap knee pads you find in the sporting goods department of Walmart. They were manageable until I decided to concentrate on floor work movement. I've been following Bees Knees on IG for a while and decided to invest in a quality pair of knee pads. Purchased during a recent sale. They are fabulous and love the nude tones. Also love I can purchase replacement pads. I'm happy with my investment.

Thank you , Melva! I'm so glad they are an upgrade worth the investment! Thank you!

Astha Shrestha

the best period. Sometimes I wear them back home from the studio because I forget im wearing them. takes a few tries to get the perfect snap every time but it moulds to your knees and gets more comfortable by the day.

I'm so glad you love them, Astha! And YES, the more you break them in, the better they get. Thank you!

Plus Size Pole Dancer

These knee pads are amazing. The construction quality is really nice and the materials are soft even before being broken in. There is anti-slip grip under the straps to help keep them in place.

I had to get the extenders as I am about 1" above the XL size when I measure around the thighs just above the knee. The extenders are such a thoughtful addition for plus size pole dancing cuties. The extender does make the strap more stiff and abrasive, but that will break in with time. I did not have any issues wearing them for an hour of conditioning and dancing on bare skin.

I love the inclusiveness of this brand. They make me feel like I belong in this community too. It really matters to me to support a small brand who is putting out an amazing product. I cannot wait for the new shrug to come out.

Thank you, Kristin! I'm so glad you feel valued here at BKKP. I work very hard to make sure as many folks as possible have a seat at the table. You know what's even better than strap extenders? Your own standard size. I'm working on it! Stay tuned!

Laura Brunke
Fit & flow

I was gifted Amazon 🤮 knee pads that blew out after only a few floor work classes. 

I care deeply about environmental justice & social justice, because they go hand in hand. 

It's INCREDIBLE to find a company that cares about these aspects so much so they have washable, removable AND adjustable items?! 

The inclusivity of products AND the commitment to pay anyone involved in the process fair wages (unlike many companies), means I'm not only aligning my values, but I'm also ensuring I'm not contributing to unnecessary environmental waste. 

That makes these quality items worth the price!

When I flow & share my passion, I want to know my heart can feel good & Bee & these products align with my values. 

Read the info she outlines in multiple places regarding fit & stiffness. They do conform over use. 

Thank you, Bee, & all involved, for helping me be a conscious consumer & ensuring my heart, fire & flow can seamlessly dance & intertwine together xoxoxo.

Thank you, Laura! I'm so glad you reached out and asked about recyclable packaging and deadstock materials so you could place an order with confidence. Thank you for this detailed review, and I'm glad you love your knee pads! <3

Jamie A.

I've always had trouble finding knee pads that worked with my thick thighs. Glad to say that Bees Knees are great! They don't cut my thighs off in any weird ways, and I love that they are Velcro so that you don't have to worry about putting them on before your heels. The pads are replaceable which is also awesome because when you ware through them, you just buy new pads instead of a whole new set. (Also makes them easy to wash). Overall 10/10 review :)

I am SO GLAD they are working for you! This review just made my day!

Size and Skin Inclusive

Four sizes and strap extenders mean we fit more people than any other knee pad. We disrupted the industry in 2019 by being the first knee pad company to offer multiple shades of nude.

Small Batch Produced

Bee's Knees are sewn in small batches by a team of four to six people who are compensated fairly for their skill and labor. Ethical production makes Bee's Knees boutique; small quantities make us unique.

Slow Fashion

A slap in the face to disposable fashion, the shelf life of a pair of Bee's Knees is measured in years. Some of our materials are the deadstock of larger apparel companies like Patagonia.

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