Pole Dance Knee Pads

Get the pole dance knee pads and other essentials that are made for pole and the people who do it.

The Knee Pads

The Knee Pads

Bees Knees Knee Pads We've got Velcro straps, removable pad inserts, an... 

  • BKKP is a one woman business

    The Bee in BKKP is me, Sara Bee, and I am thrilled that you're here! I'm a pole dancer like you, and like you, pole has taught me that I can do anything. Even accidentally starting a pole-related business! To hear how I ended up here, read on.

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  • The blog is actually really good

    Some businesses have a blog that they update ... sometimes? Not me. Once a month, I blog about pole dancers really care about. I want the blog to be a reliable, evergreen resource for pole dancers. Check out The Buzz and see what you think!

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