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Meet Your Last
Pole Dance Knee Pads

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Knee pads made for everyone

Bee Yourself

Finally, a knee pad made for you and what you do.

Pole dance knee pads and other essentials made for you.

Have you been looking for something better than generic volleyball knee pads that don't fit your body and don't work for pole dance?

You're ready for Bee's Knees.

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They're the bee's knees

Form & Function

Not all pole gear is created equal. Most brands forgo function to provide a good looking product.

Bee's Knees doesn't make you choose between form & function. BK products are thoughtfully designed to look sexy and sleek while providing benefits specifically for pole dancers.

Hear From People With Happy Knees
Clearly a whole lot of thought went into the production of these. I'm a convert - never going back! Love my Bee's Knees!
— Caty S.
I only wear Bee’s Knees. I have three pairs and never had a problem with any of them for floor work or pole tricks.
— u/Dchud1628
Finally got a chance to wear my Bee's Knees knee pads in class! They are perfect: they stay in place better than any other knee pad I've worn! Comfy and great value!!!!!
— Judy J.
I use Bee's Knees, I wear them under knee socks or thigh highs when doing floor stuff and they still look brand new. I really like the velcro for easy removal. I bought a pair on sale but at this point I like them so much I would pay full price for a 2nd pair.
— u/bambamboozlebop
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You were made for this.
We were made for you.

Thoughtfully designed pole essentials for every use case.