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Sending Out an SOS

I don’t write blog posts too often anyway, but just the thought of reflecting on the legendary dumpster fire that is/was 2020 overwhelmed me to the point of hiding under the covers. (I really did.) While I was under there, I thought, “I wish I could just go to a pole class and forget this shitty feeling, but the studio is closed.” Temporarily, sure, as a safety precaution. But the last time we closed temporarily, it lasted so long. How much longer can we keep doing this? S-O-S. Save Our Studios. We’ve been at this since March, this whole social distancing, pandemic, trying to find a new normal thing. Pandemic fatigue is here. Everyone is sick of social distancing, wearing...

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Private Dancer

In the Digital Age, it’s harder than ever to draw lines around our private lives and say, “Do Not Enter.” 

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