If your pole game suffers in the winter because you're afraid to use lotion, but your dry skin is crying out for moisture and grip, you are not alone! When it comes to skin care and pole, you've got to consider what type of skin you have, how sensitive it is, whether you sweat easily, and if your sweat is slick or sticky.

Everyone's skin is different, so there's no one-size-fits all solution for healthy, hydrated skin that also helps you grip the pole. Here are some tips from the Bee's Knees models that might help you develop your own skin care routine that works for you when poling during the winter months.

Looch: Hot Bath + Body Oil + Antidote

Looch says her skin type is dry, but not sensitive. She doesn't sweat easily, and her sweat tends to make her sticky.

“In the winter I have super dry and flaky skin, and that makes me ironically slippery. I also love to end my day with a soak in a nice hot tub, which opens my pores but can also cause dryness. To combat this I use a body oil right after every other day; any more would make me too oily come pole time. 

Speaking of pole time, I do use grip aids, and most aim to DRY you out (such a delicate balance). So immediately after poling I use Apolethecary's Antidote Grip Remover to remove the drying grip aids and add moisture right back to my skin since it does contain skin moisturizers and oils.” 

Jen: Moisturizing Body Wash + No Lotion + Antidote

Jen says her skin type is dry and sensitive. She sweats easily, and her sweat tends to make her slippery.

From Jen: “For me it boils down to two things - setting the stage for well moisturized skin, but knowing I'll likely still use grip aid. I'm not a big fan of post shower lotion but I use moisturizing shower gels that don't totally strip my skin of it's natural oils - less of it lost means less to replace. 

At the studio I just accept that if I'm super dry I may need to apply Dew Point or a similar moisture-adding grip aid alongside a sweat-drying aid like Dry Hands or Mighty Grip. Then I wipe it all off with Antidote by Apolethecary afterward which helps keep it moisturized for next time.”

Reina: No Oil Based Lotions + Collagen Elastin + Aloe Gel

Reina says their skin type is dry and sensitive. They don't sweat easily, and their sweat tends to make them slippery.

From Reina: “For my winter skin, I use lotions with no oil, so water, glycerin, or aloe based lotions. One of my favorite everyday lotions to use for pole is St. Ives Renewing Body Lotion Collagen and Elastin. It is a water based lotion with some glycerin and I use it as needed. I've put it on and gotten right on the pole after. 

Now because I'm allergic to the sun and get burned easily, my second favorite moisturizer to use is regular Aloe gel; I just make sure alcohol is NOT the first ingredient. It also gives my skin a nice stick.”

Bee: Hot Shower + Petroleum Jelly + Overnight Slug

Hi, it's me! My skin type is dry, but not sensitive. I don't sweat easily, and my sweat tends to make me sticky.

From Bee: “I get super dry and flaky in the winter, which makes me dry slippery. So I take a hot shower at night to open up my pores, slather Vaseline on my legs from ass to ankles, and sleep on it. Then my skin is hydrated and sticky 24 hours later.“

Nina: Post Shower Lotion + Cocoa or Shea Butter + Time

Nina says she has combination skin that isn't sensitive. She sweats very easily, and her sweat tends to make her slippery.

From Nina: “I haven't changed up my lotion routine for like 20 years! I like to maintain my skin moisture by applying lotion right after every shower. I use lotions with cocoa or shea butter. These aren't the best for poling, so I make sure I leave enough time for the lotion to absorb between applying and training.”

Kim: Exfoliate + Homemade Shea Butter Lotion + Reapply

Kim says her skin type is dry, but not sensitive. She doesn't sweat easily, and her sweat tends to make her sticky.

From Kim: “I'm always combating slip from skin dryness rather than sweat, but it's especially bad in the winter. The night before I pole, I like to exfoliate with a natural scrub - my fave is the Brown Sugar and Oats scrub from Twisted Movement. I follow that up with my homemade shea butter based lotion, and sometimes I use another thin application the day-of. 

Contrary to what you might hear, lotion is not the enemy; you just need to look for something that has "water" listed as one of the first ingredients, before any of the oils or ingredients ending in ‘cone’ (silicone) and ‘oate’ (esters) - cuz those things are what stay on top of your skin and make you slip!”

The Bottom Line...

In addition to drinking enough water and getting good rest, having a "made for pole, made for you" skin care routine can help when poling during the winter months. Use these tips from the Bee's Knees models to help create your own winter pole skin care routine!