Okay obviously this is not my most serious post! But we have all heard these lies, right? I've been a pole instructor since 2015, and I've definitely caught myself saying some of these liessssssssss.

1. "Eventually you'll stop bruising."

Nope. Not true. The bruises get smaller maybe? They show up in different areas? But no. I'm still bruising. 

2. "It's not as scary as it looks."

Flips off the pole are exactly as scary as they look! Another version of this is "It's not as painful as it looks." Don't fall for it!

3. "That was 100% you!"

We love our instructors who spot us, holding our asses up in the air and letting us think it was 100% our own doing. Maybe it was like 70%, but definitely not 100%.

2. "I won't watch you, I swear."

Dude, I'm your instructor. I'm not going to NOT watch you, no matter how shy you are! I'm going to say "Okay, I'm not watching!" but I will absolutely be watching you in the mirror.

1. "I always train both sides."

'Nuff said.

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