So you searched online for a Bee’s Knees Knee Pads coupon code, and all you found was this blog post. What gives?

Let me introduce myself. I’m Sara Bee, the Bee behind the pricey pole dance knee pads. If I may, I’d like to tell you why Bee’s Knees Knee Pads cost what they cost.

Bee's Knees uses only ethical production.

Bee’s Knees Knee Pads are not mass market manufactured. They are not purchased cheap in bulk from a massive distributor, then private labeled and marked up like the things you find on Amazon. Instead Bee’s Knees Knee Pads are small batch produced right here in the USA, using a cut and sew team in Massachusetts. Every single person involved in making Bee’s Knees Knee Pads is compensated fairly for their skills and labor.

Bee's Knees products are specifically designed for pole dance.

Bee’s Knees Knee Pads weren't designed to be cheap or easy to make. They were designed to be good for what pole dancers do. They boast the most features in a single pair of knee pads. In general, the more features a product has, the more costly it is to make. Bee’s Knees Knee Pads have several features—hook and loop straps, removable pad inserts, extended sizing, and an open back design. All of these parts and features add to the cost, but they also contribute to the thoughtful design.

Bee's Knees is size and skin inclusive.

Bee's Knees does't just pay lip service to inclusion. Six sizes and strap extenders mean Bee’s Knees Knee Pads fit more people than any other pole dance knee pad does. We disrupted the industry in 2019 by being the first pole dance knee pad brand to offer multiple skin tones. The reason other brands don’t bother? Because maintaining multiple colorways and sizes costs more, and those costs eat into profit margins. One-size-fits-all products available in limited colors are designed with an eye on profit first and foremost. All of Bee's Knees pole dance essentials are designed for the people who use them.

Bee's Knees represents slow fashion.

What happens when your inexpensive volleyball knee pads go flat after a few weeks? You probably continue to wear them anyway, even though they offer no protection, then throw them out and get a new pair. What a waste! The shelf life of The Bee’s Knees Knee Pad is measured in years, not weeks. I myself am a pole instructor who teaches 5 classes per week, and I’ve had two pairs of Black Hearts in 4 years. Fellow pole instructor Lucia was the first customer in the online shop way back in October 2018, and she still teaches in her Black Hearts every Friday night. With a little care and the occasional pad insert refresh, Bee’s Knees Knee Pads can last you years and reduce fashion waste.

Bee's Knees is a one woman show.

There’s no one else here but me. I conduct the market research, design the products, source the materials, contract the labor, and oversee the development of every product. As the solopreneur behind Bee's Knees, I handle it all: product development, marketing, web design, SEO, copywriting, bookkeeping, quality control, packaging, shipping, customer care, social media management, brand strategy, inventory, graphic design, and more. I promise you, I’m not making a mint, but this is my work. When you shop my small business, you are supporting me. Thank you.


Now that you know all that goes into it, you can see why Bee’s Knees Knee Pads— and all the other well made and thoughtfully designed products by Bee's Knees — cost what they cost.

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