Frequently Asked Questions

I just put my Bee's Knees on for the first time and they feel kind of… stiff. Is that normal?

Completely. At first wear, it’s normal to be unsure, especially if you are used to regular volleyball knee pads or not wearing knee pads at all. Bee’s Knees Knee Pads are made differently than other knee pads. You know how volleyball knee pads feel pretty good at first, but after two weeks, they get too loose and fall flat? Bee’s Knees Knee Pads work the opposite way in that you have to break them in.

I recommend wearing them for about 5-10 total hours or two weeks, whichever comes first. Wear them over leggings while you break them in, or remove the pad inserts and run your BKKPs through the washing machine in a Dirty Magic Bag to soften them up. Just like new heels or your favorite jeans, you gotta break them in! General use, body heat, and sweat make Bee’s Knees your own.  
What if I need to return or exchange my Bee’s Knees?

Bummer, but I get it! I want you to love your Bee's Knees, but if you don't, you can exchange or return them within 14 days of receipt. Contact me, Bee, at to get an authorization. Note that knee pads must be unused and in good, clean condition. Please send them back in their original packaging. Sorry, I don't offer free shipping or free returns.

Where is my package?

I ship using USPS, and all orders come with tracking numbers. Check your junk email folder, or double check that you didn’t use an old email address when you ordered. If USPS says they delivered your package but you didn’t get it, you have to speak to your carrier directly. I do everything to make these knee pads a reality except deliver them directly to your mailbox!

I cannot replace lost or stolen packages. If you are concerned about lost or stolen packages, spring for USPS Priority, which allows you to file a claim with USPS in the event of a lost or stolen package.
How do I care for my Bee’s Knees?

You can wash BKKP’s by hand in cold water with a mild detergent, but they can handle going through the washing machine as long as they are in a Dirty Magic Bag. Remove the pad inserts and strap up the straps. Do NOT run them through the dryer, as they can shrink and ruin the fit.

To keep the edges from getting unduly frayed, strap up the straps neatly before tossing your BKKPs into your pole bag. The Dirty Magic Bag is great for washing, but it’s also great for storing. With the right use and care, your BKKPs can last you years! If your BKKP’s need a refresh, the pad inserts come out. Replace them with Lightweight, Middleweight, or Heavyweight inserts, depending on your preference. Double up the padding if you want! Replacing the pad inserts is like getting new tires for your car; it’s a whole new ride.
Are you going to make grippy knee pads?

I already do! The grip is your skin. I know I know, you meant like, “Why don’t you put silicone grip dots or vinyl on them?” The open back design allows for your own skin to grip the pole when doing standard moves like leg hangs and the like. Then, when you need more grip, just strip them off and ride the chrome. I like to strip them off in the air mid combo; it’s a real show stopper!

Are Bee's Knees latex free?

No. We sometimes use deadstock elastic from larger apparel companies, so our gripper elastics come from different sources. Some are not latex free, so rather than guessing which ones are which, I just err on the side of caution and say BKKPs are not latex free.

Do you wholesale?

Knee pads, no. Books, YES! If you're interested in adding The Pole Instructor Planbook or The Ultimate Pole Goal Notebook to your studio's retail space, the minimum order quantity is 10. Email me at for a quote!

Where do you ship? Do you have a distributor in my country?

I ship within the United States and to Canada. I have no plans to open shipping to any other countries. If you have a friend in the US who wants to order them and forward them to you, I admire your creativity.