Did you know you can turn broken Pleaser stripper heels into cool planters?

Breaking a Pleaser can be devastating, but you can turn those shoe lemons into shoe lemonade with this easy DIY project! There are certainly lots of ways to do it, but I made this one on the cheap with stuff I had around the house, namely:

  • a flathead screwdriver
  • a razor blade
  • silver foil tape found in the garage
  • 2-3 cups of potting soil also found in the garage
  • artificial succulents leftover from another project
  • a broken clear Pleaser

Step 1: Using the razor blade, slice the strap where it meets the footbed.

Step 2: Using the flathead screwdriver, pry the footbed loose from the shoe. The straps will come off when you do.

Step 3: Fill the heel with something. Here's where you make some choices!

If the heel is opaque, it's a little easier because no one will see the filling. You can use dirt, sand, or anything you have on hand that has a similar texture.

If the heel is clear, you'll need to fill it with something decent looking. You can get cool neon fish tank pebbles or colored craft sand at the dollar store, or if you have any potting soil on hand, you can use that to make it look a little more natural.

In either case, you can fill the heel with whatever you want, as long as it's soft enough to poke the succulent stems into and heavy enough to weight down the planter.

Step 4: Cover over the footbed with the silver foil tape. Using the razor blade, trim the tape around the edges to neaten it up.

Step 5: Poke the stems of the artificial succulents through the silver foil tape. Arrange the artificial succulents any way you want.

DONE. Now you have a cool Pleaser planter to decorate your pole room or gift to a pole friend! This little project can cost you zero dollars, and it takes about 10 minutes to do.

Note: If you want to use real succulents, prior to filling with the appropriate soil, you'll need to drill a hole or two in the bottom of the footbed for drainage. As for the footbed, follow step 4 as noted above, but use the razor blade to cut out an opening for watering.

Turn your broken Pleaser stripper heels into planters and decorate your pole room or gift them to pole friends!