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Bee's Knees

The Ultimate Pole Goal Notebook

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The pole dance note book that organizes everything

Second edition, featuring The TRACK Method! Likely, since you’ve started pole, it’s all you talk about with your friends and family. You're obsessed, and I totally get it. This Pole Goal Notebook is set up to help you capture it all. This low content, highly organized planner will become your trusty pole diary, right there at your side through every step of your pole journey.

Crush your goals with this pole dance note book.

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206 pages. Published on October 27, 2020. ISBN 979-8554514937

Crush Pole Goals

Goal setting is a great way to maximize your training, but it's important to celebrate your achievements as well. Meredith, pictured relaxing beautifully into a Stargazer, recorded this moment in her class notes under "Something That Made Me Feel Good." Yesssssss.

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Customer Reviews

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Holly Brouillette
This is exactly what I need!

I had a hard time setting goals for myself and planning things to work on for open pole. I love this book! It’s really helped me get a focused approach to my pole practice!

YES, HOLLY! Thank you! I'm so glad The Ultimate Pole Notebook is setting you up for success, especially at Open Pole. It's SO HARD to go in without a plan! Stoked you love it!