Kickstart My Heart Knee Pads

Kickstart My Heart Knee Pads

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I'd say we're still kicking ass. These red and white knee pads will stop anyone's heart.

Kickstart My Heart features our signature firm hand finish compression mesh fabric, edged with crimson binding acquired from Patagonia deadstock elastic. They are fitted with Middleweight inserts and are finished with white detailing.

Want a matching harness from Tasty Treat Pole Wear? We have those too.

Want the set that includes heart shaped Boobee pasties? You got it.

I'm not trying to give you palpitations, but you might want to hurry-- Kickstart My Heart is a limited quantity run, so once they're gone, they're gone!

For the most accurate measurement, use a soft measuring tape. 

To get your top strap measurement, wrap the tape around your leg just above your kneecap, rather than high up on the quad. To get your bottom strap measurement, wrap the tape around your leg just below the kneecap. No need to pull the tape too tightly!

Between two sizes? Go by the above the knee measurement. The top strap is the measurement that matters more.

On the high end of a size range?  Size up if you aren't sure. Fun fact: The most common size exchange I do is swapping a small for a medium.

What’s most important is the strap overlap. You want the loop strap to reach as far across as it can without having extra strap flappage (and that's totally an industry term).  About an inch of exposed hook is okay.  The overlap is where the strength comes from.

If you find that the top strap pops open, you probably need to size up for longer straps. If this happens, stop wearing your Bee’s Knees, keep them clean, and contact Bee for sizing and exchange info. I am happy to help you find your fit!

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