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My Bee's Knees feel kind of stiff.  Is that... normal?

Completely. Bee’s Knees Knee Pads are made differently than other knee pads.  You know how volleyball knee pads feel pretty good at first, but after two weeks, they get too loose and fall flat?  Bee’s Knees Knee Pads work the opposite way.

If your BKKP’s feel stiff at first, I recommend wearing them for about 5-10 total hours or two weeks, whichever comes first. Wear them over leggings while you break them in, or remove the pad inserts and run them through the washing machine in a Dirty Magic Bag to soften them up. Just like new heels or your favorite jeans, you gotta break them in! General use, body heat, and sweat make them yours.

What if I need to return or exchange my Bee’s Knees?

No prob! I want you to love your Bee's Knees, but if you don't, you can exchange or return them within 14 days of receipt. Contact Bee at to get an authorization. Note that knee pads must be unused and in good, clean condition.  Please send them back in their original packaging. Sorry, I don't offer free shipping or free returns.

Are you going to make Bee’s Knees in more colors?

I've always got plans for new colors!  It takes a lot of time and money to source the fabrics and have them dyed, but 2020 will see the release of more colors than ever before!  Some will be permanent lines, and others will be limited editions. Follow on IG @beesknees_kneepads and get on our email list to stay tuned for new releases!

Can you really pole in Bee’s Knees?

YASSSSS! Although there is no vinyl on the back, the opening between the straps is preeeetty wide. Your knee pit can make contact with the pole, so leg hangs and the like are fair game. That said, if the knee pads get in the way of your pole tricks, just strip them off and ride the chrome!

How good are your pad inserts?

Reeeeal good.  All the pad insert options are the same thickness: 3/8" but each varies in density.  The Lightweight inserts break in the quickest, but need to be replaced more often.  The Heavyweight inserts last the longest, but take longer to break in.  The Middleweight inserts, BKKP's Goldilocks offering, are right in between and come standard with every pair of knee pads you order.

Are these made in the USA?

They are! Right in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Expert sewing, cutting, and sourcing by Ramon, Rosa, William, Pablo, and Bryan! The only sweat associated with BKKP is the kind YOU put into them when you dance.

Can my studio become an authorized Bee's Knees dealer?

YES!  Contact Bee at for dealer pricing on Bee's Knees Knee Pads.  Make your studio's retail space the Bee's Knees!

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