What's in Every Pole Dancer's Bag?

In my quest to create the best pole bag ever, I did a survey to find out what people toss in their bags. The results are in! Here are the five tools of the trade that pole dancers carry, in order of popularity:

5. Phone

Pole dancers record everything-- choreo, combos, trick pics, and more. And who can resist mugging in the background of a friend's pole videos when you see they're recording? 

4. Heels

Some days, wearing a cute pair of heels is my sole (lol) motivation for getting my ass to class. Boots came in at #6, so if you combine the two, you can really see how important shoes are to pole dancers!

3. Drink Bottle

I felt personally attacked by this one because I never drink enough water! But whether it's a pre-workout mix, a protein drink, or just plain old high quality H2O, pole dancers know hydration is key.

2. Grip

Dry Hands, Liquid Chalk, Tite Grip, Dew Point, iTac, Firm Grip, X Dry, Trick-Tac, Dancing Dust... an endless variety, but each gives us the same thing: good grip. In Australia, they even use shaving cream!

1. Knee Pads

Okay, I know this result looks suspect, but 91% of respondents said knee pads! It's becoming more important to pole dancers to protect their knees, and I'm psyched that knee pads are in your bags right next to your phone, heels, water, and grip.

Pole dancers carry tripods, snacks, spare outfits, socks, notebooks, and even more. The pictures and videos that survey respondents sent me also revealed that the tote bags, gym bags, and back packs we're using are woefully inadequate for carrying and organizing all our essential gear. If you've ever thought, "Someone should design a pole bag that's made specifically for pole dancers..." then check out The Pole Bag. It's made for you, and made for what you do. 

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