What's in a Name? Turns Out, Lots!

So, once I finally overcame the obstacle course that is making a line of nude pole dance knee pads, I got to do the fun part: naming them!

I didn’t want to go the food route because I read somewhere that doing so fetishizes people of color. That seemed to negate the whole point of doing an inclusive nude line, so I turned to the trusty internet to find nude palettes that already exist in the makeup world, and guess what I found? Lots of food colors, like toffee, caramel, and chocolate. Hmmmkay.
I also found a lot of beige shades called “nude.” I know nude is a color, but to me, nude connotes naked, and not everyone looks nude when they are naked.
I looked at non-food items, like sand, camel, and earth, but I wanted something that captured the sensuality and strength of Bee’s Knees.

Then I looked at concept names, like royalty, confidence, and power, but… what colors are those? People have to be able to tell what actual color something is; otherwise, what’s the point?

Every time I sat in the bathtub with my Que Bella Face Mask Trio and my glass of pinot—how my best work is done—I worked on names. I texted friends (thank you Leah Cardullo), googled palettes, and yelled ideas from the tub a lot. “HONEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MOCHA CABANA?” I came up with a ton of names.

Here are a bunch that didn’t make the cut:
Whole Latte Love
Beige and Confused
Honey Talks
The Taupe Show
Cocoa Beware
Porcelain Sugar On Me
Truffle Shuffle
Coffee Talk
Boss Ass Bisque
All the Young Nudes
Blush Hour
I needed a theme. I needed four names. But more importantly, I needed something sensual, but strong. Something inclusive and fluid, but specific enough to be useful in determining shades.

In the end, I chose commands, the kinds of things that a self-actualized human wouldn’t be afraid to order up for themselves. I wanted names to fit someone who plays their game, calls their shots, knows their value, and makes their moves. The goal self. The person each of us works each day to become. Our growth mindset product.

I proudly present to you:
Make Me Blush
Chai Me Down
Fawn Over Me
Melt With Me

These commands are issued on your terms. They are suggestive of color, but they are power plays for power players. I hope you love them, because they were inspired by each and every one of you.

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