The Case for Pole Dance Knee Pads

We throw a lot of stuff in our pole bags— leg warmers, three kinds of grip, a spare pair of bottoms just in case, a hair elastic that you can never find when you need it… so why not pole dance knee pads?
When I first started pole dancing, I didn’t want to wear knee pads. I thought it made me tougher, somehow more OG to not wear them. No pain, no gain, right? Then, I fell in love with floorwork and adopted a new maxim: Wear pads, do kips. It doesn’t have the same zing as the old one, but I think you get the sentiment.
My first pair of knee pads were inexpensive, something I found on Amazon that could be at my house in two days with no fuss. They worked just fine! Still do. Then, I nabbed the vinyl backed ones because… well, they have vinyl backing. For polers. A specialty item! They were cool. Still are. Both pairs do their jobs well; I just got sick of dealing with shoes and knee pads, and I thought I could solve that problem with Bee's Knees.
Too many times I’ve thought, “I don’t want to interrupt class or stop the flow to take off my shoes and put knee pads on. I’ll just slide gently—ow!” It’s not worth the strain. Check out Amy Hazel’s blog post about knee pads or ask OG dancers about glass knee.
The point is that every kind of knee pad or pole accessory does the same thing, just in a different way. These days, everyone is trying to sell you a new kind of pole bottom or bra top, grip aid or set of specialty gloves, and it would seem that I’m next in line to do just the same. The thing is: I truly believe in Bee’s Knees.
Nothing makes me happier than to see pole dancers across the country dancing in my knee pads, some giving them a try, others even swearing by them.
Whether you are a regular knee pad wearer or not, it’s good to have a pair on hand. Since Bee’s Knees are easy to put on and take off, you might find you’re more likely to wear kneepads, rather than avoid the hassle and pay the price later.
Knees are sensitive. They give out. There’s no such thing as “toughening them up” like I once thought. Whether you try Bee’s Knees (please do!) and love them (hopefully!) or you throw another brand in your bag (I still love you!), make knee pads a staple in your pole bag. You kneed them. Throw pole dance knee pads right in your bag along with the empty bottle of grip that you keep forgetting to replace, your coffee stained pole notebook, and that fucking hair elastic, if it ever turns up.

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