Post Pole Comp Blues? You're a Winner in My Book!

There really is no such thing as competition season. Much like the British Empire in the age of Imperialism, the sun never sets on a pole comp.
Pole competitions come in all flavors; there are different venues, levels, styles, and entry rules. I’ve competed at Pole Sport Organization’s regional amateur events and fully support what they are all about. Their current slogan is “Have Your Moment.” Think about that; how many grown ass adults get to have a moment on a real stage with professional lighting? PSO gives everyone that chance, regardless of age and ability. There are no required moves or submission videos, which means everyone pays to play. It’s great! Without PSO, I wouldn’t have ever had my moment.
8 moments and 6 years of perspective later, I can tell you that none of it matters. In a good way, of course.
I’ve placed first in my category, and thought I was God’s gift. I’ve also placed first and felt like a fraud.
I’ve placed fifth in a large category and felt like trash; I’ve also placed fifth in a large category and felt like a goddess.
Once I placed first out of three and felt stupid. Another time I placed third out of four and felt also stupid.
Now I look down at that drawer of medals I chased and I’m like, “What do I do with these things?” The experience I had training with my friends, the growth I showed as a dancer, the tricks I pushed myself to learn, the pics and video I got from Alloy Images, and the fuzzy memories I made drinking at the hotel bar afterward were the best part of competition; that’s what having your moment means. The medals aren’t even the point.
Still though, it’s okay to feel your feelings about not winning a medal. My bestie and consiglieri Jen and I buy our own medals. We win before we even set foot onstage. If you really want a medal, buy one at Dinn Trophy. They are inexpensive, well done, and the customer service is tip top.

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