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Looking for pole dancing classes near Vancouver, WA?

For pole dancing classes near Vancouver, WA, look no further than Studio 4 Pole 4 Fun. In addition to being a welcoming place for students to learn and instructors to grow, Studio 4 Pole 4 Fun is an authorized dealer for BKKP | Pole Dance Essentials. In fact, the studio’s owner, Elisabeth Kubo, was the first to hop on board as an authorized dealer! Let me introduce you to her.

About the Owners

Lis says she became a studio owner all by “happenstance.” She was training at a new studio for her first competition when one of the owners decided to leave, and the remaining partner Amy asked her if she’d be interested. “I always planned to own my own business,” she says, “but the opportunity to own a pole studio landed in my lap.” Lis became a part owner at the end of 2018 and rebranded with Amy as Studio 4 Pole 4 Fun in 2019.

During Covid the opportunity came along to buy out her partner, and even though she knew it would be overwhelming, Lis went for it anyway. For most of 2021, she sailed solo, but because "doing it alone was some bullshit," in the spring of 2022, she found a partner in Rachel, a dedicated student and instructor. Lis and Rachel can be caught out in nature doing naked photo shoots and attending many of the cool artistic performances nearby Portland offers.

Lis is proud have grown the studio from 4 classes a week to 40+ classes a week, from 2 instructors to 10 instructors, and from 5 monthly members to just under 100. That kind of growth ain’t happenstance. It’s by design.

Lis developed a business structure so the studio pays for itself, and the instructors are truly independent. “I wanted to make sure that the instructors could actually make decent money as part time instructors,” she says, “All instructors are encouraged to certify wherever their interests are, so you see several different styles and levels.” The business model is designed to support and nurture instructors, so they can in turn support and nurture their students.

What’s more, out of her ten active instructors, two are strippers in Portland, which means if you want to learn stripper-style pole, you can learn from someone with real experience in the industry. That’s some next level radness, in my opinion.

About the Space

Studio 4 Pole 4 Fun is nestled in a strip next to a barbershop and a cupcake place, with whom they share a parking lot. If you’ve ever visited a studio that doesn’t have its own parking, then you know what an asset this is! They have a 700 square foot space with 12-foot ceilings and five 45mm chrome poles.

In addition, the studio also has a lollipop Lyra that is available for private lessons, several stage poles that are rented out for events and photo shoots, and they just added FabPole (Pole Silks).

About the Classes

If you are a beginner, you are in luck. Studio 4 Pole 4 Fun has 20—yes t w e n t y— beginner friendly classes offered per week, 8 of which are morning or mid-day. The vibe? In one word: welcoming.

Studio 4 Pole 4 Fun prioritizes safety, of course, but they want to make sure everyone has fun. I mean, it’s in the name, for crying out loud! Having fun is a must. “We admit that almost every first time experience is a little terrifying, and we want to make sure no one feels as though they don’t or couldn’t belong,” Lis assures. The instructors at Studio 4 Pole 4 Fun are kind, and they want everyone to have a good time. Pole is difficult to learn, so if you can have fun with it while you struggle, why wouldn’t you?

First timers can take “Taster for Brand New Beginner” alongside other first timers, so they can feel less awkward. There are also private orientations by appointment to see the space and talk to an instructor. Lis’s best advice for beginners? “Don’t take yourself too seriously,” she says.

Not a beginner? Don’t worry. Studio 4 Pole 4 Fun has intermediate and advanced classes. Some classes are inversion specific, while others focus on conditioning, freestyle, flexibility, heels, and choreography. They have guest instructors for burlesque classes and lap dance workshops that pop up every other month. Basically, if you want it, Studio 4 Pole 4 Fun has it.

And guess what they also have? Bee’s Knees Knee Pads, of course. So whether you are at Studio 4 Pole 4 Fun for a lap dance workshop, heels class, or any of their other offerings, you can pick up a pair of Black Hearts while you’re there.

Studio 4 Pole 4 Fun is located in the US at:
9014 NE St. Johns Rd.
Suite #112
Vancouver, WA 98665

You can follow on Instagram at @studio4.pole4fun and Lis herself at @bettypolepage. Check out their schedule at If you’re looking to take pole dancing classes near Vancouver, WA there’s no more welcoming place for students of all levels than Studio 4 Pole 4 Fun.

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