You Want to Learn How to Pole Dance, But....

So you want to learn how to pole dance, but you have some doubts. Do your doubts sound like this?

I want to learn how to pole dance, BUT… 

  1. I have no upper body strength.
  2. I need to lose weight first.
  3. My core isn’t strong enough.
  4. I’m not comfortable wearing skimpy clothing.
  5. I’m not coordinated.

Let’s adopt the growth mindset and reframe those thoughts. 

I want to learn how to pole dance, AND …

  1. Pole will build my upper body strength.
  2. I’m already the perfect weight to start.
  3. Pole will strengthen my core.
  4. I will wear whatever makes me feel comfortable.
  5. My instructors will help me find coordination, movement, and confidence.

Here’s the deal, everyone who starts pole dancing starts at the same place: the beginning!

When I took an adult contemporary dance class at age 25, I was an absolute beginner. The problem? No one else in the class was. I was out of place, embarrassed, and quite frankly, terrible. I told them I was a brand new beginner before I signed up, but I was thrown in the mixed level class anyway. I went for three weeks and did my best, but eventually, the studio owner told me class was canceled. Plot twist: I drove by the studio the following week during class time. The lights were on, and class was very much in session. I was just that terrible that they told me it was cancelled so I would stop coming.

Awful right? But here’s the best part. Eight years later, I walked into a pole studio because I wanted to learn how to pole dance. I expected that everyone else would be awesome at it, and I would be so terrible that they’d all snicker at me and tell me to go away. At the end of the class, the studio owner asked me if I had fun, and if I’d like to come back. No word of a lie, I cried.

In my opinion, pole dance accepts and nurtures beginners more than any other form of dance. Periodt. I said what I said. 

As far as I know, no human ever walked out of the womb. Every one of us had to learn to crawl before we could walk. Give yourself permission to be a beginner. Find a space that supports your beginner mindset. Trust the right instructor to help you find coordination, movement, and confidence. 

So if you’ve decided to learn how to pole dance, you’ve chosen wisely. But now you have to find a place to learn.

You could Google search and find a pole dance studio near you, for sure. Maybe there isn’t a pole studio near you. Maybe there are a few pole studios nearby, but you can’t decide which one is right for you.

Maybe you aren’t ready to go into a studio just yet, and you want to learn some pole dance foundations first, in the comfort of your own home with a knowledgeable instructor who gets the beginner mindset.

If you want to learn how to pole dance at home in 90 days, even if you don't have a dance or fitness background, check out Pole Dance Foundations. It’s designed and taught by pole dancer, choreographer, and studio owner Sergia Louise Anderson.

Sergia and I first met back in 2016 when she toured and did workshops. She ran two of the most well-executed workshops I’ve taken. What was so special about them? Well, they weren’t solely focused on specific tricks for advanced pole dancers. Sergia met me where I was and really emphasized movement principles and exploration. You know that saying, “Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day?” Sergia taught me to fish, and I’ve been eating ever since. 

Sergia and I have kept in touch as we’ve both grown our respective pole businesses, and I recently hosted one of her free webinars for Pole Dance Foundations. As I listened to her talk about the program, I thought about my beginner self being knocked back so hard by that first experience in a mixed level dance class. I was lucky to find Love Pole Fitness and Aerial Arts who welcomed me, accepted me, and nurtured me as a beginner. But what about the beginners who aren’t lucky enough to live near LPF?

It’s okay. You’ve got Sergia and Pole Dance Foundations. After the webinar, I felt so strongly that beginners need to know about her program that I asked her if I could write a blog post about it and share it with my people. Usually that stuff happens the other way around! So that should tell you how much I think Pole Dance Foundations is worth it. Here are the program’s goals, in Sergia’s words:

By the end of this training, you will be able to:

  1. Turn on your favorite song and effortlessly flow like your favorite Instagram polers do by following the Pole At Home Method
  1. Bypass getting thrown into a pole dance class full of students who have more experience than you do, so that you can avoid feeling embarrassed or judged
  1. Avoid painful skin burns and injuries that most first time polers experience by using our pole dancer secrets

Ummmm, specific learning outcomes? Spoken like a consummate professional educator, and you know I love that! Sergia can help you find the right pole, guide you to install it properly, and get you started on your pole dance journey.

And as you knock out those pole goals and reach your milestones, don’t forget to record it all in your Ultimate Pole Goal Notebook. It’s included in The Beginner Bundle too. Sergia has the Ultimate Pole Goal Notebook too and loves it. 

Are you ready to learn how to pole dance? Sign up for the free webinar. You have nothing to lose.

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