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Five Great Gifts for the Pole Dancer in Your Life

1. Peppermint Stick Set

Tasty Treat Polewear and Bee’s Knees Knee Pads have collaborated before—first on Funfetti, then on Afterparty. This holiday shopping season, Kimmie and I have the ultimate gift for the pole dancer in your life: Peppermint Stick! This matchy matchy set includes red and white knee pads by Bee’s Knees, a sexy red harness by Tasty Treat, and a red and white Santa hat to complete the ensemble! The best part is that it all comes wrapped in festive tissue slipped inside a Dirty Magic Bag, so you don’t need to wrap a damned thing. Pre-order by 12/5 and it will ship by 12/15 in time for Christmas.

2. Gift Cards to Pole Related Shops

A gift card gives your pole dancer the chance to shop guilt free. Both Bee’s Knees Knee Pads and Tasty Treat Polewear offer gift cards. A gift card to a pole dance related small business is a win all around.

3. The Ultimate Pole Goal Notebook

Hot off the press, this blank planner gives your pole dancer a place to organize notes on class, make plans for open pole or home pole practice, track progress on conquering nemesis moves and crushing pole goals, as well as recording pole milestones. If your pole dancer is obsessed and talks about pole all the time, trust me, they want this notebook.

4. Sexy PPE

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least, and personal protective equipment has become fashion. So why not add a Glitter Bee Mask and some BooBEEs to go with a pair of Bee's Knees Knee Pads? Keep your pole dancer protected on all fronts!

5. The Pole Instructor Planbook

If the pole dancer in your life is also an instructor (or is aspiring to be), why not get them the planbook that will help them organize all their great lessons? The layout has space to write in objectives, warm ups, cool downs, music, combos, choreo, and student requests; give a gift that will help your pole dancer to plan like a teacher, and teach like a pro.

You also can’t go wrong with some grip and a cute new grip bag, a new pair of Pleasers, a drop in pass, a punch card, or an upgraded membership. Pick up a little somethin' for the pole dancer in your life, and put the X back in Xmas! 

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