BKKP’s Fall Edge Collection: A Rock and Roll Creation

Right now, I‘m down on my well-padded knees praying to St. Hubbins, the patron saint of quality footwear, that you are as excited as I am for the release of BKKP’s Fall Edge Collection.

When I started Bee’s Knees in 2018 with one product, it was just called a Bee’s Knees Knee Pad. It was black. How much more black could it be? The answer: none more black. But it only got an official name after I added white to the rotation and became a “one product/two color way brand.” I now had Black Heart and White Noise.

When people asked for nude (read: beige), I worked my ass off until I had enough nudes for everyone—four shades at the time, now five— and opened a new collection cleverly titled… Nudes. That’s when Black Heart and White Noise became its own collection called Originals.

I nearly named the collection The New Originals, and then I called it The Regulars. After I switched back to the New Originals, I nearly changed it again to The Thamesmen, but then I thought, “What’s the point?”

Anyway, Originals and Nudes are my only perennial collections. That is to say, the intent is that those collections are in stock all year round. It’s difficult and expensive to maintain six collections all the time, so I needed to have seasonal and holiday releases to get a rhythm going and be able to juggle all the different options. Because Edge relies on swapping out only the elastic for colors, it was relatively easy to make Spring and Fall line ups, and I’m truly thrilled to bring it back for its second Fall. A second Fall Edge Collection means you liked the first one so much that I am still fucking here. So from the big bottom of my heart, thank you!

Last Fall’s line up was a power trio, but this year, we’ve added a new fourth member. Please join me in welcoming back:

Queen Crimson, the black and dark red offering named in honor of Mellotron prog kings, King Crimson.

Violet Hour, the black and dark purple number that some will take as an homage to T.S. Eliot, but it’s really a salute to The Venture Brothers.

Boss Bish, the black and goldenrod nod to two supportive people in my life who love black and yellow—Tobin “The Boss” Crosby and Emily Bishop.

And it is my distinct pleasure to introduce for the very first time (provided that it’s not lost backstage and can’t find the door):

LAPIS DANCE! The newest addition to the Fall Edge Collection which sports lapis lazuli blue binding and the cleverest name ever conceived by a pole normie—thanks Alison!

Once each color way and size is depleted, they’ll be back on tour for Fall 2022… if I’m still here and in business. One never knows, right? I could be involved in a bizarre gardening accident, choke on someone else’s vomit, or spontaneously combust and end up as a small green globule (that looks more like a stain, really) in a mystery that authorities will say is better left unsolved. Either way, I wouldn’t delay. I’d tap into the Fall Edge Collection faster than you can smell a glove.

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